A Muse Of Fire (The Artistic Muse Series) Joshua Combes


Published: August 5th 2012



A Muse Of Fire (The Artistic Muse Series)  by  Joshua Combes

A Muse Of Fire (The Artistic Muse Series) by Joshua Combes
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Have you ever been visited by a muse, an ancient spirit of invention? Clio, the daughter of Aeschylus, is one such muse. A spirit, in the form of a sixteen year old girl, Clio wanders the Earth feeding off the creative flow of artists. She heightens the artists work to a level they could never have reached without her.Clio has worked with painters, musicians, poets, dancers, and now resides with Joshua, a playwright, and his young family, in Sydney. Joshua is writing a play on William Shakespeare and has a problem with filtering his creativity into unproductive areas.

He wants to teach others about how the theatrical companies functioned during Elizabethan times. He wants to know more than just who Shakespeare was: who were the other people in the company and what was it like to be a boy player? Fortunately for Josh, Clio was the muse for a boy apprentice named Nicholas Tooley, during Elizabethan times.Clio, finding it hard to overcome Joshuas procrastination, decides her mainstream ways of dealing with creative people are not enough. When she possesses a family member and leaves a mysterious email for Josh, things change forever. Clio and Joshua form an unconventional writing partnership that is a novel approach to both of them.Using her power of dream weaving, Clio crafts dreams for Joshua to experience his subject matter firsthand.

She transforms him into Nicholas Tooley and, nightly, he witnesses the world of Elizabethan theatre through the eyes of a boy apprentice.Joshua is not prepared for the revelations in store and the intriguing personalities he meets along the way. In particular, he never thought Shakespeare would be such an antisocial and depressive creep. He also never really understood the dangerous, competitive and charmed life of an Elizabethan player, until now.

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