Oscar en Wol Theo


Published: 2002


32 pages


Oscar en Wol  by  Theo

Oscar en Wol by Theo
2002 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 32 pages | ISBN: | 5.14 Mb

Oscar and Hoo, written by Theo and illustrated by Michael Dudok de Wit, is a children’s picture book, aimed at small children upwards. I’m sure any class of primary school children would enjoy having it read to them. Even the older children who feel they have outgrown such things can find it relaxing to slip back into the world of the smaller carefree child where anything is possible.The basic story tells of a little boy called Oscar who lives alone with his busy parents, he loves to look out of his window and daydream with his ‘head in the clouds’.

We find Oscar, at the beginning, daydreaming, gazing out at the sky while his parents run around madly preparing for their holiday, for which they are late. We follow a series of pictures showing them making a mad dash from home to airport to flying, to landing, to a confused disembarkation in the desert with camels and his parents distracted by maps, directions and pointing camel guides.The book uses the visual both with its drawings, layout and text. Some pages are ‘busy’, laid out story board style where you must follow the sequence of events like a comic book.

Here the text is small or even no text- just follow the story from the pictures. Then, at the point where we see the confusion in the desert and you turn the page, bam, you have a large double-page visual of a huge expanse of desert and sky, dramatically taking up the 2 pages in striking sand yellow and dark sky blue, and over in the bottom right hand corner is a little tiny Oscar. Here the text is enlarged for impact and we have, in the top left-hand corner, the simple words ‘…all alone!’ Oscar has been forgotten in the mad rush.The illustrations throughout the book are stunning and everything is very thoughtfully laid out for maximum impact- from Oscar’s early panic when he finds himself alone and dashes aimlessly shouting “Mum!

Dad!” to the moment Hoo, the little lost cloud befriends him.A delightful sequence follows of Oscar and Hoo comforting each other, playing together with Hoo changing cloud shapes for Oscar’s entertainment, to Hoo being lookout from on high to help with the search for Oscar’s parents.

Finally, with Hoo’s help, Oscar is rescued, and we have comforting scenes of him being cuddled, drinking, being bathed and put into his bed.The book takes us full circle near the end where Oscar is again right where we found him, staring out of his window, only now he smiles… hovering just outside is Hoo. So now Oscar has his little cloud friend Hoo with him wherever he goes.For a little picture book this has everything. A message for parents to try not to lose focus on what’s truly important, to the importance for children of having a little friend or attachment all their own, even a little cloud called Hoo.

As already mentioned, the illustrations are powerful and stunning and the premise of the story, a little boy with his head in the clouds is surely a celebration of childhood and the imagination.

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