Ill Met By A Fish Shop On George Street Mark McShane

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Ill Met By A Fish Shop On George Street  by  Mark McShane

Ill Met By A Fish Shop On George Street by Mark McShane
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Absurdist black-comic crimer (a genre unto itself).Superb writing triumphs over the nonsensical plot fromthe author of Seance on a Wet Afternoon. McShanerelates nicely to Muriel Spark.George Street, Sydney, is the Australian equivalent toOxford Street or Fifth Avenue, McShane explains, or sothey say in Sydney. Melbourne and Adelaide say otherwise.London and New York say nothing -- they have never heardof George Street.Thus begins a cat-mouse frolic, with the tone set : retiredcop (Tom) sees a man (Jack) who should have been arrestedfor murder 30 years earlier, but he vanished.

(How dya spotsomeone after 30 years? Suspend belief, thats how). Jack hasbeen living a quiet suburban life w his wife : Jack tookMildred in his arms. Or Mildred took Jack in her arms. Theyknew so little about themselves.The cop, stalking Jack, moves into a boarding house nearbywhere he can watch the gink. Its run by a dizzy widow whosteals from George Streets swank stores and has a secretfear : One minute everything would be all right, the next-flop-there were her panties around her ankles.

She wouldsimply die.Each man decides to kill the other. There is a brutal murder,yes. Then theres a teaser-topper. Wait a minum, hold on.This crimer is completely daft.

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